BSES – DSLSA Lok Adalat over the weekend settles over 1300 cases on‐the‐spot

Press Release Article 13th July, 2015 –BSES – DSLSA Lok Adalat over the weekend settles over 1300 cases on‐the‐spot.

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BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) and BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) participated in the
National Lok Adalat on Saturday, July 11, 2015. It was organized in association with Delhi State
Legal Services Authority (DSLSA).    
Besides being an unprecedented hit, the paperless Lok Adalat was also a great leveller.   People
from various walk of the society such as Industrialists, Businessmen, Professionals and even
Domestic Consumers made a beeline for the Lok Adalat. From flashy cars to cycles – consumers
arrived at the venues in every conceivable means of transport.   
Surpassing all expectations, the Lok Adalat, organised at the premises of the Dwarka, Saket,
Karkrdooma and Tees Hazari Courts saw over 1300 cases being resolved on‐the‐spot.   
Commenting about the huge success of the Lok Adalat, a BSES spokesperson said, “The exercise
was a win‐win for everybody. For the consumers, it meant an opportunity to amicably settle their
cases and an escape from a prolonged and an expensive legal process. For an over worked
judiciary, it meant some burden off their Courts. For BSES, it meant, more people coming into the
billing net”. 
Consumers were given sufficient time to pay up. Infact, BSES discoms adopted a very humane
approach in this regard. Looking at the financial position, consumers / litigants were allowed to
pay in manageable instalments. Moreover, BRPL and BYPL will withdraw the cases against the
consumers who settled their cases in the Lok Adalat. This will also pave way for quashing of
criminal proceedings against them.   
Ensuring wider representation across consumer categories, the Lok Adalat took up cases that were
pending or were yet‐to‐be‐filed in any Court of Law. The day‐long Lok Adalat provided discom
customers/ litigants a one‐time opportunity for an amicable and on‐the‐spot settlement of their
power theft cases, relating to both Direct Theft (DT) and Meter Tampering (DAE).

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