Electricity Useful Tips

Energy Conservation

  • Don’t keep Electrical Gadgets “ON” in idle condition.
  • Always provide doors & windows to admit natural light ( Sunlight ) to avoid using electricity in homes or offices during the day.
  • To avoid leakage always use Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker / Residual Current Circuit Breaker in circuit.
  • Always buy fewer bulbs of higher wattage rather than many of lower wattage.
  • Always buy electrical gadgets with capacity according to your needs & not of much higher rating e.g.larger refrigerators consume more electricity.
  • Use Compact Fluorescent Lamps to reduce electricity consumption substantially
  • Ensure proper Earthing in your premises.
  • Use electronic regulators for ceiling fans.
  • Avoid storing hot / warm food in refrigerators.
  • Turn-off decorative & non-essential lights especially in unoccupied areas.

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