Duplicate Train Tickets Copy


Duplicate Train Tickets Copy

  • In case the railway ticket is lost, torn, misplaced or mutilated and the reservation status of that ticket is reserved and the individual has applied for the duplicate copy of that ticket before the reservation chart preparation, in that case the station master can issue the ticket in duplicate after deposition of the per passenger clearage charge by that individual.
  • In case the individual applied for the duplicate ticket due to the misplace of the original ticket after the reservation chart preparation than in that case the charges for the duplicate ticket will be 50% of the total fare amount. In case of RAC tickets no duplicate tickets are to be issued after the reservation chart preparation.
  • In case of the mutilated, torn tickets or RAC tickets the duplicate ticket will be issued after the payment of 25% of the total fare of the original ticket.
  • In case the misplaced or lost ticket is traced out than in that case no money that has been charged for the issuance of the duplicate ticket will be refund. However if that ticket is traced out and is presented at the time of the issuing of the duplicate ticket and the train has not departed than in that case the money is refundable. The charges taken for the issuing of the duplicate ticket will be refunded after the deduction of 5% of the total charge levied. The minimum deduction is of 5% or Rs.20 which ever is greater. If the journey has not been undertaken and the ticket is cancelled than in that case according to the refund rules the cancellation charges are refunded.
  • In case any passenger paid any excess charges during journey on train for his reserved ticket, lost ticket, mutilated or misplaced, RAC ticket than in that case he can move the application to the Chief Commercial Manager(Refunds) of the Railway administration concerned for refunding the extra charges paid during journey in train. The officer may decide the matter and refund up to 50% of the fare per passenger retaining the remaining 50% amount, provided that no refund has been taken before over original ticket.
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