How to prepare salary slip for small organisation’s employee?

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 Hi, my co having 10 employees(salary more than 15000 so no ESIC) and salary is 18 to 30k, i want to prepare salary slip for them, i am confused about % of basic,HRA, if i mention Medical reimbursement in salary slip is there any law like PF for the same, means if we mention pf in salary slip, i have to pay it, is it necessary for us to pay Medical reimbursement after mentioning it in salary slip 
kindly give me solution and also explain how can i prepare a small and simple salary slip for my employee, i want to make it simple than complicated, must be 4-5 item like basic,bra,ta
 Best Answer:  A Model Salary Slip. You can modify/delete fields, as you find necessary : Do not mention Medical Reimbursement in Salary Slip. 
Name of Employee 
ID No : 
Grade : 
Department / Division : 
Date of Joining : 
Give the above details in a horizontal manner in two lines. 
Then draw a horizontal line. Below the line give the following information : 
Salary for the month of _______________ 2010 (year) 
Earnings : 
Basic : __________________ 
HRA : __________________ 
TA : __________________ 
Others: __________________ (incentives, OT, etc) 
Total : __________________ 
Deductions : 
Advance : __________________ 
Loans : __________________ 
Net Salary : ________________ 
Earnings and Deductions also place side by side. If there are no entries to all these columns, you can simply fill it up with a hyphen ( – ) 
Then at the Right side corner the position of an authorised signatory : 
Accounts Officer / Manager / Director 
Design it nicely and use it. 
For medical reimbursement, make another form (Voucher) and add to his account as extra benefits. Or add to next months salary, if you need to mention the same in the salary slip. Once you qualify to pay PF, then you have to mention the amount in “Deductions”. 
Normally a minimum of 20% of basic is given as HRA, you can divide the total salary accordingly into whatever benefit you give. Or you can make a consolidated salary also, taking the employees signature on a Voucher.

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