NDPL Duplicate Bill Print Online

Are you looking to Download/ View and print NDPL Duplicate Bill then please follow these steps:-

In order to avail the below mentioned services through official Website, you need to register your Contract Account Number (CA no.), and the same is available only through ‘Utility Customer E-Service [UCES]’ login

  • Registering email ID
  • Registering Mobile number
  • Printing Duplicate Bill
  • Registering complaints pertaining to Metering, Reading and Billing complaints
  • If you are already registered with NDPL in UCES, please CLICK here to login 
  • If you are not registered with NDPL in UCES, please CLICK here to proceed with the simple registration process.
  • You only need to provide your Contract Account Number(CA no), Meter Number / Sanction Load(in KW) and E-Mail Address to complete the simple registration process