BSES Duplicate Bill- New Link

How to print BSES Duplicate Bill ?

This method is work with registered user only and please note that old method without registration user may have to wait some days for printing BSES duplicate bill as official link is down

Now you can print BSES duplicate bill by following methods:-

Step-1. Go to url:

Step-2. Fill out your details CA No. and Meter No. (CA No: you can found on right top corner of the bill and Meter No: you can found at the left side in details). the click Submit button.

Refer Screenshot for CA No and Meter No: 


Step-3 Now to register with BSES my account access, you will have to entered Email_id, Mobile No and Password. Click Submit button. In the meanwhile you will receive an email confirmation that you have successful registered with

Step-4 after that click on login button:

Step-5 Enter your USERNAME (Your CA No) and Password (Which you entered in step-3) and type character shown in image for human verification  and click submit.

Step-6 now you will see in dashboard: Consumer Details, Pay Now, Bill Details, Current Bill Download, Add Account, Switch Account 

Step-7 Please click on Current Bill Download and now you see your BSES Duplicate Bill in pdf format.

Step-8 That’s all

Thanks for visit our website. We will try to make you easy in understand how to easily print BSES Duplicate Bill so that you can pay your bills on time to avoid delay and additional charges .