Vodafone Duplicate Bill

About Vodafone 

Vodafone is being considered as world’s largest wide spread telecom service providers that provides many offers along with many value added services and much more provisions such as prepaid and postpaid connections, ISD cards, Net facility on mobiles etc. The information that is being given within this article provides the knowledge to get the duplicate bills of Vodafone and much more.

Duplicate Vodafone Bill

How to get Vodafone Duplicate Bill Via Online
  1. The online facility is being provided by Vodafone to access the duplicate bills.
  2. In case an individual is getting bills on emails and wants to get another duplicate bill due to the lost of the earlier bill than in that case some following stesps are to be taken.
  3. One can send the email to the Vodafone on making a request for the duplicate bill of his Vodafone number.
  4. While sending the email you have to illustrate the reason for making request of the duplicate bill and also your mobile number.
  5. Getting of the duplicate bill of Vodafone is very easy, but it has been recommended not to ask for it frequently.
  6. The other method to get duplicate Vodafone bill is by moving to the official website of the Vodafone Company.
  7. You simply log on to the site of VODAFONE and fill your enter your details.
  8. In case you are fist time user than in that case you have to get registered on the site.
  9. The key method of registration over the site is your Vodafone mobile number that gives the access to the “MY VODAFONE” services.
  10. After registration and logging in your account simply click on the link of current bill.
  11. After that the previous bill history is generated along with the information regarding your current Vodafone bill.
  12. In case you want the hard copy of the duplicate bill than you simply click the download link and take the print of the bill copy.
  13. The bill print out that you have taken contains all the information regarding the calls made, international calls, and the record of SMS that has been sent.
How to Get Vodafone Duplicate Bill In Person
  1. In case you wants your bill personally than in that case visit the nearest Vodafone customer care service store of your area and get the duplicate bill of Vodafone.
  2. You have to contact with the billing section of that center and ask them to give the duplicate bill.
  3. After giving the adequate reason of getting duplicate bill and your number, you can get the duplicate Vodafone bill by the customer care executive.
Vodafone Bill Information Via Phone
  1. In case of the lost of the Vodafone bill you have to simply dial 111 and can get the Vodafone duplicate bill.
  2. The customer care executive of Vodafone immediately give you the information regarding your current bill of Vodafone.